Are round cages good for birds?

First of all my cages are not round, they are elongated. Although I prefer an elongated shape, I do build circular cages for people who request them. IT'S NOT THE SHAPE IT'S THE SIZE. Round cages tend to be small.
Example: Let's take a 36 square cage VS. a 36" round cage.
A 36" square cage has 9 sq. ft. of floor space.
A round 36" cage has only 7 sq. ft.
To get the same sq. ft. in a round you would have to go to a 41" cage.
This sticks out into the room further, takes up more space and may not fit through a doorway.
With this small disadvantage comes a much more dramatic space. Since no one has given a logical reason for the determination that round cages are not good for birds , I suspect it has come about from victorian era cages (tiny, cute cages where a bird can hardly turn around) and the fact that they are harder to build. The industry often tells you things to suit themselves.
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