Overview/ summary:
We get an aproved design
You pay a 50% deposit
I build the cage
You pay remainder
I get you a shipping quote
The shipper calls you
You pay shipper direct
Cage arrives at your location.

In order to provide customers with quality, custom work and personal service and because I offer hundreds of variations, I recommend that you call when you are ready to order so that I can best meet your requirements. I am easier to reach in the evenings up to 10 PM. I do not use and answering machine. Email is best if you can't reach me by phone. Also, email is useful for good comunacation, sending pictures, quotes and discriptions of the order. After we have discussed your needs, I will quote a final price.

All cages ship by common carrier (freight)
Shipping is a key factor in my buisness and I feel responsible to get you the best service and the best price I can. Furthermore, I offer full suport during the shipping process. If you do not ship freight often, shipping can seem complacated. However, I will guide and assist you if you need it.
Here's some of what you need to know.
Shipping is ultimutly the responsibility of the buyer.
However, you are not alone. I will be there to make sure you get a fair price and quality survice.
For someone who does not ship freight on a regular basis, a "broker service" is better than working directly with the freight company.
I am currently working with
Getting an accurite quote is sometimes not possible because no one knows everything until it is delivered. However, I can usally get a firm price by estimating the size and weight before it is completed.
ALWAYS insist on a quote first.
Let them (and me) know you are "shopping" for the best price. (I will do this for you)
Here are some factors:
Residentual delivery costs more. Ship to a buisness or pick up at terminal yourself.
Lift gate is a device to get it down from the truck. It costs extra. Trucking companys usally consider deliverys "trail gate delivery" meaning it is your responsibility to get it off the truck. Ordering a "lift gate" cost extra but will get it off the truck at your driveway enterance.
I recomend you get it off yourself. Get on the truck, cut off the package and pallet, remove items like the tray and grate to make it lighter.
Have someone there to help!
This will also give you the ability to examine the cage for damage. Damage is extremly rare but if it is damaged, have the driver write it on the paperwork BEFORE you sign it. Call me! The driver may not like this process because he wants to get to his next stop.
Be fussy!
Getting shipping companies to pay for damages is like pulling teeth. They sometimes put limits on what they will pay. You can ask about insurance for more money but, considering I get very few damages, and gaurentee your satisfaction, I feel no insurance is a reasonable risk. I will be there in case you need assistance. 518 823 4368.

personal checks are accepted, you can use your Credit card through PayPal. (I will send you an invoice from PayPal).
Deposits or full payment is required with orders.
Please check with me for lead times.

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