Construction and Materials

BAR CONNECTIONS ARE DRILLED AND WELDED. This is a mechanical connection and does not rely on the weld. Welds are placed to minimize the view.
BARS are 3/16 inch diameter cold rolled steel TRAYS are 22 gauge cold-rolled steel with 16 gauge rims.
LEGS are tool-grade cast aluminum.
ORNAMANTS are full-bodied cast iron.
COATING is non-toxic, long lasting

A11 other components are hot-rolled steel and plate steel.
The cage is completely metal. (No plastic parts.)
Cages are one-piece construction. However, larger cages can be built,
if specified, to break down in order to fit through a standard doorway.

The average cage has 350 holes, 500 welds, and 120 pieces, all-precision cut and formed. Every frame member (in fact, everything on my cages) is solid. 

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