Perch size and placment are important to your birds well- being and health.
They must also be placed as to avoid food, perch, toy etc. contamination and reduce the need for cleaning.
They must encourage activity.
They should have variation in diameter to avoid foot cramping.
Sometimes, birds will chew there perches. I believe this is a good activity for birds and should not be discoudaged. (the more "things" they have to do in a confined space the better) Therfore perches should be inexpensive and easy to replace.
And obviously, non toxic.

My perching system makes it easy for you to replace perches by eliminating the need for close tolorances . All you need to do is cut tree branches to a rough dimention with some garden loping shears and then drill a small hole about a half inch from each end.
Also, my perch hangers are natural shock absorbers, this is not only more natural, it is safer.
The two upper perches are parrell to encourage a short flight. And, because of a set-back birds are more likly to spend there time away from the edge of the cage, this can be important for some birds. I like the idea of keeping the birds on the perches and toys rather than the cage. It easer on you douring clean up and matainance.

NOTICE: All my cages come with natural maple perches with the bark left on. They are not shown in these pictures.

Perch Clamps

Most of the time, when you order or cut your own perches they are not the right length. Fixing them to your cage securely and in the location you want them can be a real hassle. So, I have come up with a solution that solves most of the headache. My inexpensive PERCH CLAMP system allows:
Perches to be cut to an approximate length .
No notching
easily repositioned
adds shock absorbance
Provides extra toy hangers
Fits most parrot cages on the market.
The Full Set includes 8 clamps, two 7" drop down hanger and two clamp on toy rings. All that is required is to cut perches to aprox. lenght and drill holes about 1" from each end.

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