Most of the droppings will fall beneath your bird's favorite roost. The discarded food will fall beneath the food cup. Therefore, the placement of these two simple items is critical. Daily food cups should be centrally located, and all perches should be placed so as to avoid contamination. A hanging water bottle will guarantee uncontaminated water. My perch and cup arrangement minimize cleaning. Turbulence created by flapping can cause debris and feathers to scatter. In my cages, this is controlled by aDEEP TRAYANIMATION (3") and by an overhang at the top of the tray.
Paper liners can be cut using the tray as a template.( freezer wrap). With a mulch bed on top it will last a long time and can be wrapped up with everything even when wet. It comes in 24" rolls. Check with a paper supply company. (restaurant supply) Just stack several layers on a cutting board, pin the stack down with push pins, and cut out with a utility knife. Use the tray as a template. It's ok to cut a little larger than the tray.
Personally, I find "aprons" unattractive. And, like grates, they are really only partialy effective. They are only useful under the cups and they have to be cleaned.
I would also like to add that the shape of this cage lends itself to easy cleaning. With no corners cleaning is fast and easy.
Ornaments and grates are removable for easy cleaning.
The leg height (14.5") and foot shape allows simple broom access to all areas below the cage.
With very large cages, it sometimes prefered to have no pull-out tray.
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