INCLUDED WITH THE CAGE is everything you need to get started. Unless otherwise specified, cages are set up with an average of eight feet of natural maple perches, food cups and a REMOVABLE GRATE.
ACCESSORIES [Must be ordered separately.]

Certain situations may require SIDE FEEDERS for changing food and water from outside the cage. These are available at the time you order your cage only. You may request a specific arrangement without additional cost. Their main purpose is to provide protection from beaks or to prevent the bird from escaping.
Standard "umbrella" side feederClick here to seeANIMATION
Open position
Standard swing-out side feeder
Open position
My side feeders firmly secure the cups . The solid guards reduce seed waste and cleanup. My side feeders are simple to use: Just lift the ornament and remove the cup.

HIGH QUALITY CASTORS of non-marring rubber are also available.

"LACE DOORS" are removable, along with other ornaments, for easy cleaning. On most cages, both styles are available with no difference in cost.

A TOP PLAY AREA takes only seconds to set up or take down. Simply unscrew the top ornament, place the main tray on top of the cage and secure it with the perch assembly.
In addition to the built-in Top Play feature, a TOP PLAY AREA KIT is available which contains an extra tray (identical to the main tray) and food cups.
EXTRA TRAYS are also useful for a quick-change cleanup. The kit provides you with the advantage of leaving the top play area set up. A LANDING PERCH is an additional perch positioned outside at the bottom of the door opening. It is intended to aid the bird in entering the cage, providing a reference point or target. Birds may also use this perch as an outside play area (just pull out the tray a few inches to contain litter).

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